Design Impact On Business

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Design’s impact on business: Design thinking makes businesses more competitive; it is as simple as that. Companies that use design effectively grow more rapidly, they have a higher success rate when innovating and their consumers are willing to pay a premium for their well-designed products and services.

  • Design drives successful innovation
  • Design makes business more competitive
  • Design makes R&D expenditure more effective

Design’s impact on public services:

Our expectations of our public services continue to exceed their ability to satisfy our desires. This is not because they are failing but because our aspirations are increasing. Throwing money at the problem is not the solution. Design thinking better aligns the user with the service and closes that gap. The result is happier people and better policy outcomes.

  • Design makes public services more effective
  • Drive demand for innovative products and services

Design’s impact on society:

How often have you struggled to open a jar? How much harder is that for someone with arthritis? By designing products and services that are inclusive we allow everyone to participate equally in society and by doing so, open up our businesses to a much wider market.

Why do we still make things that need to be thrown away? Designing products and services so that they minimise impact on the environment not only makes you feel good, it can help Irish companies gain competitive advantage by creating things that use less energy and materials. This doesn’t just reduce costs, it also builds customer loyalty.

  • Design makes a more sustainable future
  • Design makes products and services more inclusive


Why is design important? Our research shows Irish companies that value design innovate more often. Not only that, but Irish companies that value design innovate more successfully. And those companies that integrate design more strategically within their organisations experience greater demand for their goods and services.


What is design innovation? Many people are describing the same thing by different names and we want to create a common language around design innovation, thinking and practice.


This isn’t rocket science but it is the next ‘big thing’. Understanding your users provides context for your innovation efforts and leads to greater success in the marketplace. Our practical programmes can help make you more competitive.


We are here to help. There is also a broader network of support for you and your organisation. And if you’re still not convinced of design’s impact on innovation, see how other individuals, organisations and countries are competing through design.