Social Networking


Social Networking

It may not be for everyone, but you can’t deny its potential, especially for business…

It’s important that your digital channels are aligned with your brand message. Too often we see businesses with broken branding. You get your sign from one shop then your letterheads from another and your vehicle graphics from another. All these venders are grand but they have no interest in consolidating your brand. Unless managed, this splintered approach will mean you branding get permutated. That’s to say you get their version of what they think you need.

It’s also the same for your digital channels. You might have a Facebook page with a jippy logo and bad quality photos. Your Twitter might look like something completely different again. Proper branding is controlling every element of how you present your business. A few years ago the term digital marketing wasn’t invented and now it’s on everyones lips. Engaging a design agency will mean you’re trusting someone with expertise to make those design decisions on your company’s behalf to develop a tone that will engage with your current and potential ciustomers

Effective Social campaigns revolve around creativity. Giving someone the keys to your Facebook and asking them to make it happen won’t necessarily yield results. Think of it as a conversation with someone who is either really boring or really animated and vibrant. Social Media has to have tone. It has to have an underlying cleverness that makes people want to read on or engage with its content.

5 Reasons You Should Be On Facebook:

Can be more effective than your own website

It’s true. Many startups don’t even have websites. Websites aren’t easy to build no matter what those free-build companies claim. This means you have either expense or a steep learning curve. The thing about Facebook is that it’s become so ingrained into modern culture that a 12 year old can whiz their way around it. Because it’s part of our social conversations it’s now a value conduit to a marketplace that wasn’t there years ago.

Your Customers Want You to be on Facebook

Technology is continually kicking us to get with the it or stagnate. After all, a facsimilie machine operator is a somewhat a dusty profession these days. So yes, your customer will expect to see you on social channels. In many ways your visibility will be relative to the time you invest and it is an investment. All it takes is a quick ‘like’ on your business page and your fans will be sharing everything they like about you and giving you feedback.

It’s a Dog – You Better Walk It

In business there is little you can do to promote yourself that will involve minimum effort and maximum results. Unless you have a marketing department toiling slavishly over hot keyboards you probably look at social media in a tyre kicking fashion. If you decide to do this then have to stick with it. All your posts are dated so if someone visits your page and the last post was dated 3 months ago you’ve likely lost them. Think of your Facebook or Twitter as being a pup. It has to be fed, walked, occasionally pooped and put to bed … and in the morning it starts again. What you want to work towards is getting as pattern of content submission that works for you. Like the pup, it will take time before it starts to do tricks but once mastered you will have a friend for life, a marketing tool at your disposal that will engage and interactive with an audience that you cultivated.

Boosted SEO

It’s become more difficult to ensure your website appears on page one of a Google search but clever use of social channels means you piggy back on their hyperactivity because Google score sites with active content higher than those with static content.

Advertising + Metrics

Facebook analytics gives you incredibly concise and illuminating information on the demographic using your pages. The big thing for Facebook is the Boost button you can now see. Take a poke at the Boost button and find out how Facebook can put your business in front of 10’s of thousands of potentials customers. For as little as £30 a campaign Facebook can put your post in front of a lot of people. That said, if it’s boring they would engage. That’s why having a range of adverts designed specifically for this marketplace is a good investment. If it looks boring it is boring.

By now you should have a quick insight into the power of Facebook for your business, so all you need now is a BRANDED BUSINESS PAGE business page. We can set that up for you or if you’d like some more advice, get in touch. We’re here to help…

5 Reasons You Should Use Twitter

Connect With You Customers

Sharing is the foundation of social media and Twitter makes it quick and easy to engage on a personal level with your customers. Let people behind the scenes of your business and build a loyalty to your business that would take years in person.

Customer Feedback

Find out what your customers want and what they are willing to pay for it. FREE feedback and discussions allow you to develop and grow your marketing strategy. Get people excited about your business and keep them happy by dealing with their requests interactively.

Build Your Brand Loyalty

You don’t have to be Sony or Nike to use twitter, anyone can join and take advantage of Twitter. Let people find out who’s behind a business and build real-world relationships, no-one wants to speak to a brand with generic things to say. Interact and help your customers and they will return and promote your business for you.

Promotions and News

Twitter is so fast and easy to use that you can update your followers quickly and offer special promotions or deals to drive traffic towards your own website. Have you got too much stock of an item or want to test the water for a new product or event, then let your customers know right away.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Are you just starting out or thinking of offering a new product or service? Find out for FREE what the word on the street is from rival businesses and their customers. Is there a fault you didn’t know about or someone’s promotion not gone to plan, then you can adapt and change to keep ahead by keeping an eye on your own industry from the inside.

You’re probably wondering why you aren’t using Twitter right now… no problem. You can join up for FREE, right away and start taking advantage of its great features. If you’d like more advice, get in touch, and don’t forget you can customise the colours and background to suit your branding in Twitter, just ask and we’ll sort it!