Sure who needs a graphic designer anyway? I can do all that myself.

Horray and clappy hands if that’s how little you understand the value of graphic design. If you’re starting a business then graphic design will be the thing that makes you look established and credible straight out of the gates. If you’re an existing business then creativity is key for the effective marketing of your business. It will be the edge on your competitor because it conveys professionalism, integrity and trust and all this before they even understand what it is you do. We’ve been brand building in Omagh for 10 years with our graphic design services for print and digital channels. Our work speaks for itself. We’re pretty confident that the next 3 – 5 minutes of your day could be of the most value to your business …. ever.

Our client list includes local, provincial and national companies like:


… in a nutshell

Corporate Identity

It can’t be understated that this should be of paramount importance to your business but is so often overlooked. It’s the very thing that will build your business into a brand with stature conveying professionalism and trustworthiness.


Brand implementation ensures that your new branding is run out through all media channels including print and digital platforms. Print includes signage, vehicle graphics, brochures, stationery and leaflets. Digital platforms include website, social media outlets, email marketing and powerpoint presentations.

Design for Print

Your printed marketing material has a job to do. Creative design is key to making your marketing material engage, communicate and deliver a given message to its targeted user. If you need it printed then we’ve designed it.


When advertising your business you’re delivering a message. Creativity is key in making this communication work. You’re saying I have the right product for the right person at the right price and it’s better than your competitor. Well crafted design will deliver your message with tone and clarity.

Vehicle Graphics

Think of your vehicle as a 24/7 mobile advertising billboard. Anywhere you go it can say what you do and, more importantly, how to get in touch. That’s why Vehicle Graphics are so important to get right. High impact design will ensure the viewer remembers who you are.

Digital Marketing

The modern business should have a digital presence tailored contextually to engage with their customers. Understanding what lines up with your branding is critical. Some social channels are more relevent to certain styles of businesses and it’s important to understand the difference.

Social Media Design


It’s hard to imagine that there was a time when you would’ve yearned for a means to contact 1000’s of people who are already interested in what you and aim countless promotions with measurable the results. Social media is all about content. Treat it like a shop window and you’ll gain nothing from it. Engage with it in creative and meaningful ways and you reap great benefits.



Originally developed as a blogging platform WordPress has evolved into one of the most popular custom website building tools out there. WordPress powers 22.5% of all websites on the internet and it’s possibilities are endless. With powerful CMS features you can create your own pages, posts or, in the case of ecommerce websites, product lines.

Video & Infographics


Video & Infographics are everywhere these days and are designed to convey methodologies or working practices in the most instantly accessible form possible. They should be designed to be printed but are most commonly used in digital form online and in video presentations.

… the single thing that will define you as a brand is …

Self Awareness

So, …you know your business. From stock control to project management from logistics to making the tea. Knowing what fits you as a brand is difficult because it’s all about feel. It has to feel …right. How you appear visually relies solely on creativity. When you engage our design agency we don’t see you as you are now, we envisage where you need to be. You supply the passion and we’ll supply the vision!


… our passion is making your business look better …

corporate logos, brochures, magazines, leaflets, business stationery, educational thematic units, facebook pages, twitter pages, websites, exhibition graphics, vehicles graphics, signage, promotional trailers, interior pos, powerpoint presentations, branding, sage layouts, video production

what our clients say

Our new branding gives use a confidence we’ve never had before. We feel we stand as equals in our marketplace which was exactly what we wanted.


We’ve worked with Push Design for over 5 years – it’s all been about how they understand our business. They see the pitfalls and steer us in the right direction – forward!


PUSH have consistently provided us with exceptional design services with an eye for detail that makes us look great.


No-one understands our goals better than Des and his team. We create Educational Thematic Units for primary schools and PUSH hit the tone of how we want to convey our material every time.


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