The turnip’s no carrot

The humble old turnip has never had the appeal of a carrot. The carrot is bright, individual and easily identifiable and one dangling in front of you is considered a means to tantalise you in a certain direction.

The carrot dangling idiom proposes the carrot is used to draw the mule forward on the premise of reward. The mule has grown up to recognise the carrot offers something it wants. Now, I can’t say for certain the turnip hasn’t the same appeal to the mule but I can say that it does not have the qualities of a carrot for this turnip hater.

When your customers expect a carrot, a turnip is a poor substitute. We all have expectations and standards. Often these can be standards by which we judge others. It’s like saying Cheryl Cole is no Aretha Franklin. A turnip is no carrot.

This illustrates the value of branding on many levels. We are all conditioned to move towards brands that we know and trust (the carrot). Conveying that effectively requires a skill set often not found in your business because it requires creativity and knowledge. In the scale of all your business interactions you might under-estimate the value of creativity. It is key in making your product or service distinguishable and memorable to your customers above that of your competitors.

If your brand falls short then all your marketing efforts can be in vain. How vexing the idea that your product or service is considered as bland as the turnip. Making your customer trust you through branding is the very first and most immediate favourbale response you can get

‘Viva la Carrot!’